Featured Artist: Dave Moreno

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We are happy to introduce David Moreno, our newest featured artist. He is  displaying his art in the halls of our office.


 “I believe strongly that our natural environment’s beauty brings us together. Through my photography, I translate this beauty into art that speaks to me, moves me. My goal is to share my art so that others may enjoy it and escape from the stress and negativity that surrounds us. I hope my art brings a memory to mind, a smile to your face, and peace to your soul.”


Although David’s photographic pursuits have taken him around the world, he specializes in capturing the beautiful landscapes of California.  The artistic signature of his photographs comes from a keen eye for the many ways light plays with his natural surroundings.  David’s passion shines brightly in his work and it has allowed him to attract an audience around the world.

David, a self-taught artist, has a style that is easily identifiable. His art captures rare moments that leave one with a sense of our world’s power and beauty.  His success comes from his commitment and determination and to find the rarest of moments that illustrate the beauty and energy of the wilderness, often returning to a location many times and immersing himself in the landscape in order to capture the images that you now see today.

David has been photographing landscapes for years and was most recently featured in N Magazine. His work is regularly featured on various social media outlets.

David currently works full time as a civil engineer and spends his free time exploring and capturing natural beauty through the lens of each season. He hopes to pursue photography as a full time career in the near future.  In the meantime, David is working on a website to showcase his photography and allow interested fans to purchase his artwork.  His work may be purchased by contacting him directly via phone, e-mail or on his Instagram page:

Phone:  916.396.7141

E-mail:  dmmoreno98@gmail.com

Instagram:  David Moreno (@dmoreno620)