Tom Terry Award for Patient Safety

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Dental safety advocate Tom Terry has recognized our office for its dedication to patient safety, and providing top-tier dental service.

We are proud to announce that last month—May of 2016—our office was awarded the Tom Terry Award for “Patient Safety & Infection Control.” For those who aren’t aware, Tom Terry is a self-described “patient safety evangelist” who is licensed by the Dental Board of California to provide continuing education to dentists and practices throughout the state on topics including dental compliance, patient service and safety, and infection control.

We are extremely serious about offering our patients the highest quality of service, which of course includes ensuring the safety of our patients. In our pursuit of achieving the highest possible standards, we invited Tom Terry to visit our practice and evaluate our dental office and patient procedures. After our inspection, he contacted us early last month to inform us that we had passed inspection, and awarded us with a certificate of excellence in our dedication to patient safety, and recognized us as an “Exceptional Dental Office.”


Pursuing excellence in dental safety means not just meeting standards, but exceeding them.

As Tom Terry explains on his website, meeting the threshold for this recognition means surpassing the standards set by a variety of safety and health agencies, including the Dental Board of California, the California Department of Health Services, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the Department of Consumer Affairs, and the Occupational Safety and Health Administration. Being able to not only meet, but also exceed these standards benefits our patients on a number of levels. Not only do they benefit by receiving care that is exceptionally safe, but by minimizing the potential for complications that result in expensive insurance premiums, we are able to offer our services at rates that are lower and more affordable than those of many of our competitors.

We deeply appreciate Tom Terry’s recognition of our dedication to patient safety, and we look forward to providing our present and future clients with exceptional and safe dental care.